You make homes homier. We make financing easier.

With just a single application for customers from all credit backgrounds, it's never been easier to match your customers to a financing plan.

  • Financing for almost any credit background

    Got fantastic credit? Great! Not-so-good credit? We’ve got payment plans for you too. No credit? Financing is the perfect place to start building credit.

  • High approval rates

    How do we have one of the highest approval rates in the industry? Simple: we put sophisticated technology to work on your behalf and look at more than just your credit score.

  • No surprises, No gotchas

    When you sign up for any financing plan, we tell you everything up front: total cost, scheduled payments, and any other fees.

Stop Waiting For Someday

Financing a big purchase shouldn’t mean filling out endless forms and jumping through hoops. Whether you have excellent or no credit, our financing options makes life-changing purchases accessible through instant decisions, clear and simple terms, and flexible monthly payments.

How do I apply for credit?

With just a few simple pieces of information, we can check with up to three lenders to get a financing plan that works for you. Apply online here, or talk to your home furnishing consultant about applying in one of our conveniently located stores.

Does applying affect my credit score?

Since everyone’s credit history is a bit different, the impact varies. After you apply, our lending partners will generate a credit inquiry, which makes up a small percentage of your FICO score calculation.

Do you have a no credit needed option?

Yes! FurnitureMOC works with Progressive Leasing to offer no-credit-needed options.

I have an existing account that I haven’t used in a while. Is my credit line still good?

You may need to submit a new application. Your home furnishing consultant can help you determine whether your account is still open, and help submit a new application if it has been closed. If you’d like to check directly with your lender, you can call: 347-442-5905

I was approved online. Can I use my account in a store?

Once you’re approved, you can use your FurnitureMOC account however you prefer to shop—in a store, online, or over the phone. If you are shopping in a store or over the phone, please let your home furnishing consultant know you have an existing account. Online, you will have the ability to look up your credit account at checkout.